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Re: RSE remakes and Tabby

Regarding the future remakes of RSE (because yes, they will happen) I’d love it if they were to integrate some of Tabitha’s anime characterization into the games and give him the depth he completely lacked in the original RSE games.  I don’t watch the anime all that much, but at least they made some effort to make him an individual there.  In the games he was just a cookie cutter admin with copypasted dialogue (he and Matt from Aqua had the same freaking lines) and I don’t want them to repeat that again.

I’m hoping that they’ll go out of their way to give all the Magma and Aqua admins more characterization and individuality, but to be honest… this is Pokemon and I don’t want to get my hopes up that high because I know they won’t do much.  Sigh.  I’ll still love the characters either way, but it’s upsetting.

WELL they did it with HGSS, with the rocket admins, getting their own sprites. So we can all hope.

I don't think they'll remake RSE. I want them to VERY MUCH but I don't think it'll happen. Though November will be their 10-year anniversary so PERHAPS in a few months we'll get a surprise announcement. :D (If they do remake them, Tabitha and the other admins need their own battle theme and overworld sprites.)


In the remake of R/S/E that they're going to do (yes, I know they're going to remake the games, I feel it) do you think they'll keep Tabs? What if they don't?!

(I also feel it in my heart)

In the spirit of keeping with the anime and capitalizing off that, I think they will, unless you mean a renaming of the character. I could see them doing that for the American audience, which we often forget is primarily composed of children, specifically little boys. It would royally upset me, but I think the character will remain the same. Same goes for Shelly, though I don’t think her name is in danger.

But it would be silly to change it now, the Team Magma fanbase is already there, and Nintendo would have to deal with criticism from groups complaining about them being, I don’t know, discriminatory or something.

Overall I have high hopes for the RSE remakes, if Pokemon Company likes money, which I’m pretty sure they do, I’m sure they’ll do it. I’m hoping for further design development, since Tabby’s game design was actually kind of dull and his script was mundane. Thats one thing the anime had on the game.


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I see someone wanted to purchase the Evil Team members. This of course leads to my next question—who do you all think would bring in the highest bid in a batchelor/ette auction?

If we go by all members, I would think Brodie because he could enter multiple times and no one would be the wiser. If…

Thank you for my new headcanon that Tabitha is auctioned off every couple months.